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Nearly $50 Million In Whistleblower Settlements

Another sensational whistleblower story caught our attention this week. The Federal government and the District of South Carolina announced that two diagnostic laboratories–Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc., of Richmond, Virginia, and Singulex, Inc., of Alameda, California–have agreed on a combined settlement of nearly $50 million to resolve three whistleblower lawsuits. Scarlett Lutz and Kayla Webster, R.N., two South […]

DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc. CFO Resigns Amid Another Federal Inspection

For those who have been following the troubles of DaVita since it settled for $55 million in 2012 after a whistleblower claimed the company had overused a drug in dialysis patients, here is the latest from Bidness ETC: DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc. (NYSE:DVA) announced Friday the resignation of Garry E. Menzel, CFO since November 2013, as […]

SeaWorld Whistleblower Appears on Daily Show

We’ve been seeing a good deal of media coverage about SeaWorld whistleblower John Hargrove who, after more than a decade working in the industry, went public with what he claims are inhumane practices at SeaWorld facilities. We applaud Mr. Hargrove for being brave enough to come forward with this information. EcoWatch covered his appearance last […]

Source: BNY Mellon nears $700-plus million forex cases settlement

In a stunning admission of corporate fraud, Reuters reports that Bank of New York Mellon Corp. agreed to pay a hefty $714 million to settle overcharging allegations. In addition, the company fired its head of products management and a number of other executives. “The bank repeatedly deceived its customers and is paying a heavy penalty for […]

United States Attorney Announces $650,000 Settlement For False Claims

United States Attorney Stephanie A. Finley announced a $650,000 settlement was reached with Acadiana Cardiology LLC, Acadiana Cardiovascular Center and convicted doctor, Mehmood Patel, M.D., concerning allegations that Patel performed unnecessary medical procedures and billed Medicare. In the criminal proceedings, Patel was indicted on 94 counts of health care fraud on February 16, 2006, and […]

WSJ’s Big Whistleblower Predictions for 2015

Though this piece is behind a Wall Street Journal subscriber firewall, we’d like to share it assuming that some readers might have a subscription. The Journal has some interesting predictions here for employment contracts, whistleblower retaliation, foreign whistleblowers and False Claims Act recoveries. The free portion of the article begins: About a year ago, we […]

Monica Seles’ Binge Eating Tour: For Charity or Profit?

Our firm noticed something curious the other day while reading a New York Times article (“Shire, Maker of Binge-Eating Drug Vyvanse, First Marketed the Disease”) on top-selling drug, Vyvanse, to treat binge-eating disorder. The article kicks off with a recap of retired tennis player Monica Seles’ recent media tour to discuss her binge-eating disorder. The […]

Do We Really Trust Corporations To Investigate Their Own Profitable Impropriety?

Can a corporation really investigate its own behavior? Do internal compliance programs really work, or does their mere existence give well-compensated employees plausible rationale not to question conduct that would otherwise be questionable? Answering these questions must begin with the age-old concern about conflicts of interest. The Book of Matthew counsels that “no man can […]

Lessons from the Year of the Whistleblower: A changing regulatory regime

Forbes Magazine has dubbed 2014 as “The Year of the Whistleblower.” For businesses, this designation has translated into billions of dollars in fines and penalties, the initiation of government investigations, criminal prosecutions and untold reputational damage. The whistleblower, now bolstered by the support and resources of the federal government, has become the new “regulator” empowered […]

Iron Mountain Companies Pay $44.5 Million to Settle Alleged False Billings

Iron Mountain Incorporated and Iron Mountain Information Management LLC (collectively Iron Mountain) has paid $44.5 million to resolve allegations under the False Claims Act that Iron Mountain overcharged federal agencies for record storage services under General Services Administration (GSA) contracts, the Department of Justice announced today. Iron Mountain is a records storage company headquartered in […]