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Whistleblower Statutory Protections Are Frequently Narrowly Interpreted By Courts

The Huffington Post reports: “Whistleblower statutes typically contain anti-retaliation provisions that limit an employer’s ability to fire under the employment-at-will doctrine. Employment-at-will allows an employee to be fired for any reason unless the firing is clearly restricted by contract, statute, or public policy. However, courts are frequently narrowly interpreting the statutory protections granted whistleblowers as […]

The DOJ Increases Scrutiny of Whistleblower False Claims Act Suits

The National Law Review reports: “The Criminal Division of the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) recently announced that it will review all complaints filed under the qui tam provisions of the federal False Claims Act (“FCA”) to determine if a parallel criminal investigation is appropriate. This announcement came during a September 17, 2014 speech by the […]

Study: financial fraud caught more by coworkers than audits

Financial fraud is costly, but do audits solve the problem? According to a recent study by the Association on Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), companies should focus their monitoring for employee fraud not just on audits, but through employee fraud hotlines. For example, in finance departments, most misappropriation of funds occurs in the procurement, payment, and […]

Crime May Not Pay, Whistleblowing Does

A recent SEC announcement shows the continuing rewarding of whistleblowing in the US. The SEC announced an additional payment of US $150,000 to the first-ever Dodd-Frank whistleblower who had already received an award of US $50,000. The SEC also announced it expects to collect additional money from defendants in this case. Individuals who “blow the […]